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Client Spotlight: Kat Tat by Angelica Petroche

One of LAJ’s amazing clients is well-known tattoo artist and social media influencer, Kat “Kat Tat” Jackson. Known for her early work in the famous VH1 tattoo series, Black Ink Crew: Chicago, Kat does exceptional work in tattoo art. Not only is she a talented tattoo artist but she has expanded her skills to be a painter and entrepreneur. She has tattooed a vast range of athletes and celebrities such as Idris Elba, Young MA, and Shane Ray to name a few.

In 2018, Kat opened her tattoo shop, Enigma in Beverly Hills, California. She has ventured out and created partnerships with famous brands such as Fashion Nova and ShoeDazzle. 

Her most recent venture is being a mom to her child, Jackson. She gave birth to her son on June 6, 2021. She has shared photos and updates about her new journey of motherhood on her Instagram. She has a big following of 1.2 followers on her Instagram. Her social media provides insights in her tattoo work and her insights as a new mom. Being a mom is a very exciting and rewarding job for Kat. 

This post was written by our fabulous intern, Angelica Petroche.

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