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Super Bowl Halftime Show Recap by Natalie Ball

2022 Super Bowl Halftime Show Honors Black Artists During Black History Month

During the Super Bowl halftime show of the Cincinnati Bengals vs Los Angeles Rams this past Sunday, viewers were graced with hip-hop being in a halftime show for the first time in history. Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre reunited and got the crowd started with their two hits “California Love” and “The Next Episode”. The two performed on top of trailers, representing all different sides of their city, Los Angeles. Mary J. Blige also took SoFi Stadium by storm, being the only woman on the lineup this year. Even rapper Kendrick Lamar broke his four-year hiatus for a piece of the action, performing his Grammy Award winning song “Alright”. All together, the diverse group gave their 104 million viewers an exceptional show. 

Performances by these legendary artists generated conversations with other hip-hop stars about what this halftime means, but not just because of the hits they performed. Busta Rhymes was even emotional, as he shared with Entertainment Tonight that “you know exactly what this means for us and for our culture, which is primarily everything. This was emotional for me, with tears in a good way. This performance will force the hands of everything else for us.” Wiz Khalifa added onto this, saying “this diversity on this team has been a long time coming. This is big for us, the west coast and every one of us, I’m excited to watch.” Black History Month is a time to celebrate black culture, and recognize the importance of diversity in everything. These artists created the opportunity to do that, which viewers will remember much more than the details of the football game. 

This article was written by our fantastic intern, Natalie Ball

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  1. Nicely done…


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