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Client Spotlight: Guión Partners and Their Dedication to “Therapy” by Aditi Nair

Though Black History/Black Future Month has come to a close, we still have plenty of love to give to our clients and brands that are making a difference!

That being said, we are so excited to share some of the amazing work that our client, Guión Partners, has been producing. From film to skincare and everything in between, the Guión Partners team is making sure that quality is a top priority. 

Guión Partners’s film Therapy has become a hit on YouTube, where it is available for viewing.  It has also garnered more than 25 awards and the numbers are still increasing. For Guión Partners, surprising and impressing the audience with their initiatives has now become commonplace. 

Lindsay Guión, CEO of Guión Partners strongly believes that absence of self-care can cause a lot of damage for an individual and that is how he launched Therapy, his passion project. He believes that therapy happens through multiple ways, including skincare. Their skincare line, TherapySKIN is all about encouraging mental health and wellness. It is great for men who are yet to indulge in the heavenly experience of holistic skincare and its benefits due to the stigma of the use of skincare products for men. 

We really appreciate the efforts of Guión Partners towards Therapy and love how strongly and effectively they are spreading their good deeds to increase positivity and improve mental health. 

This article was written by our exceptional intern, Aditi Nair

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