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Packing for Festivals: A Non-Exhaustive List

With festival season right around the corner and Coachella this weekend, thousands of music lovers nationwide are packing bags and preparing to spend a few days in the sun with their favorite artists. For many attendees, this will be their first festival due to the two-year COVID hiatus. Knowing what to pack, especially when preparing for temperatures above 100º, can be tricky. Below are some festival essentials that will help you make the most out of your experience. Feel free to comment more suggestions, and let us know if you want more tips!


Even if the temperature isn’t too high, being out in the sun all day means long exposure to UV rays. Protecting your skin from burns is extremely important, as a bad sunburn on the first day of a festival can seriously impact the rest of your trip. Sunburns can result in the skin peeling (not ideal for all your creative makeup looks!) as well as pain and soreness that make dancing a challenge. It’s better to be safe and keep sunscreen on hand!

(Empty) Reusable Water Bottle

While festivals have food vendors where you can purchase water, these plastic bottles can often cost upwards of $5. Many festivals, including Coachella and Stagecoach, have water refill stations. Though the line is often long, these stations are free to use at any time throughout the event. Find a simple bottle you can clip onto your bag or outfit and save yourself the hassle of waiting in line to buy water!

Dust Mask or Bandana

As festival-goers dance and move around the venue, dirt and dust gets kicked up into the air. This dust, especially by the second or third day of a festival, is extremely thick and can cause coughing and difficulty breathing (spend a day inhaling the dust and you’ll find yourself blowing black snot out of your nose). Pulling a bandana or other face covering over your mouth and nose will protect you from this issue, especially in packed crowds where the dust is hard to avoid. Many rave/festival apparel companies sell fun and colorful masks that won’t take away from your outfit!

Portable Charger

No matter how much you charge it beforehand, your phone will lose battery extremely fast. Be prepared with one or two portable chargers so you can keep your phone alive for the entire night. Though most festivals have charging stations, these take you away from the festival since you can’t walk around while your phone is charging. Don’t miss any of the action because of a dead phone!

Good Moisturizer

Between sunburns, dry weather, and late nights, your skin will be put to the test during festival season. Bringing a thick, hydrating moisturizer to apply in the mornings and nights will help keep your skin looking glowy and fresh for the whole festival. I love this moisturizer from Fresh. It’s a bit heavier than an everyday moisturizer, which is perfect for preventing dryness in desert climates.

What are some of your festival essentials? Be sure to let us know!

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