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Making Their Mark On History, The Black Bread Co. Bakes It’s Way Onto Shelves Near You by Tommy Nguyen!

As the world’s first premiere Black-owned bread business, The Black Bread Company provides customers with only the freshest quality in premium sliced products. They offer a heartier and healthier alternative to the current brands available by removing unnecessary additives and prioritizing flavor and freshness over fillers. With this fresh take on commercial bread, the BBC strives to make an impact by reinvesting its profits in disenfranchised communities through mentoring programs, job security, and donations.

Meet Jamel Lewis, Mark Edmond, and Charles Alexander, the brains and brawn behind the world’s The Black Bread Company. This dynamic trio, all from South-Side Chicago, had a vision and plan: start the world’s first Black-owned bread company that would also inspire young entrepreneurs and empower the youth into improving the world around them.

“Our motto is ‘come correct’ and you will see that in every facet of the business,” Lewis said. From marketing, branding, as well as the taste of our bread. We ultimately want Black people to start looking into where they spend their money, and see how it will benefit our communities. Too often, we just spend money without being intentional.”

Priding themselves on being the healthier option, The BBC has stripped away all the extra ingredients found in most consumer bread brands. These filler additives help improve shelf-life of products; however, at the expense of poorer nutritional value and taste. The BBC is “big on flavor, low on additives, and taste like they came right out of the oven.”

As a pioneer in the minority-owned bread business, it is a point-of-pride that the BBC helps to take care of marginalized and underrepresented communities whenever possible. The BBC redistributes its wealth by creating opportunities for mentorship,
education, and job security through programs, donations, and investing. It is important to uplift those around you and the BBC helps do that by dedicating a portion of the proceeds of each and every loaf to the distribution of free bread for those in need. It is a way to pay it forward to those who have made the success of The BBC possible.

You can find The Black Bread Company products on the shelves of your local Mariano’s grocery store or directly online at their website which ships nationwide.

This article was written by our exceptional intern Tommy Nguyen!

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