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Celebrity, Tattoo Artist, Kat Tat Welcomes Second Baby By Traci Hughes!

Katrina “Kat Tat” Jackson can do it all!

Congratulations are in order for Katrina Jackson who welcomed her second baby boy Jakobi Lee Collins, on July 12th, 2022. He weighed in at 9lbs 5 oz. He joins big brother Jackson into this incredibly talented family.

Kat is a Chicago raised tattoo artist. She’s been artistic from an early age which is something she inherited from her mother. She knew she wanted to build her career as a tattoo artist when she was sixteen. One of her drawings took first place in a high school competition. She got to go on a trip to Orlando to compete with 3,000 other students from around the country. This was the sign she needed that art could take her somewhere.

She got her start at tattooing while studying math at the University of Missouri. Math was a strong subject for her, and she scored extremely high on the math section of her ACT and got a huge scholarship because of it. In her free time, she started tattooing her friends and other students on the weekends. After years of struggling being a full-time student and aspiring tattoo artist, she decided to leave school to focus on tattooing full-time. 

In September of 2013, she started working at a shop called 9mag in the heart of Chicago. They were discovered by the producers of VH1’s black ink crew and became a hit spinoff “black ink crew Chicago.”  At a point, she felt her work was starting to get stagnant, and she was starting to self-destruct, so she felt it was time to distance herself. After three seasons, she decided it was time for her to move on, so she moved to Los Angeles and started her own shop “Enigma Tattoo.”

Kat is the first Black female tattoo shop owner in Beverly Hills. She feels partly responsible for keeping the progression of urban artists going. Urban tattoo artists have a harder time getting into legitimate shops and she wanted to give those artists opportunities they wouldn’t have initially. In 2022, Kat signed a first-look development and executive producer deal with Paramount. She will develop and produce original content for Paramount in collaboration with her production company, Enigma Entertainment Group.

Despite her busy lifestyle as a Tattoo artist, television personality, and entrepreneur, motherhood always comes first for her. She stated in an interview with Distractify “I love watching my baby sleep. I love watching just all the milestones. At the end of the day, I love, like, just watching him sleep because he’s my little baby. It’s kind of hard to explain, but I love it. It’s the biggest blessing in the world. Congratulations again, Kat!

This article was written by our hard working intern Traci Hughes!

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