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Grammy Winner, Self-made Billionaire, and Mother: Rihanna by Shannon Stickles

In the past six years, Rihanna has created an empire of success!

This upcoming January will officially be seven years since Rihanna dropped her eighth studio album “Anti”, but the popstar turned businesswoman has added a list of accomplishments to her resume since then. Although her fans have been eagerly awaiting her new album “R9”, Rihanna has taken the beauty and fashion world by storm and now has a new, very important, job title: she’s a mom!

News broke of Rihanna’s pregnancy in February of this year, with the star officially announcing her news after months of circulating rumors, posting to Instagram with her boyfriend of two years, rapper A$AP Rocky, that they were expecting. For the next four months, Rihanna appeared in the headlines every week for her designer outfits, redefining maternity outfits in the best possible way. The nine-time Grammy winner officially gave birth on May 13th, 2022 to a healthy baby boy.

Although she’s kept her social media presence to a minimum, Rihanna and A$AP were seen together with their baby for the first time on August 17th in Los Angeles. Her public outings have become more frequent over the past few weeks, proudly showing off her post-partum body with a source hitting back at body-shamers telling US Weekly, “Rihanna’s not in a rush to lose the baby weight. She’s really embraced her body and doesn’t feel pressure to lose it quickly.” If there’s one thing about Rihanna, it’s that she does not care about anyone’s opinion and has been a voice for women’s body positivity throughout Hollywood for years.

Rihanna & A$AP Rocky

Rihanna’s confidence can be said to be one of her many attributes to her becoming the successful and powerful woman of color she is in Hollywood today, with millions of fans looking up to her around the world. That confidence shows throughout her music (I mean hello? She literally has a song titled “Cockiness” on her Album Talk That Talk),
as well as being a major contributor to her beauty, skin, and fashion lines which have turned her into the businesswoman she is today.

Less than two years since she dropped her last album “Anti”, Rihanna launched her cosmetics line “Fenty Beauty” in September 2017. The reasonably priced cosmetics line became an instantaneous hit originally launching with 40 different shades of
foundation, receiving international praise for the shade inclusion most other cosmetic lines have failed to produce. Over the past five years since the company launched, Fenty Beauty now sells over 50 shades, as well as other beauty products such as lipsticks, highlighters, skin primers, and setting powders. The company is now estimated to be worth a quarter million dollars, being sold in Ulta stores across the US
as well eight African countries.

Remember what I said about Rihanna’s confidence? Just eight months after Fenty Beauty launched, Rihanna’s next project dropped in May 2018, Savage X Fenty. The lingerie line celebrates “fearlessness, confidence and inclusivity” selling lingerie, sleepwear, and loungewear for all genders, sizes, and backgrounds. The line has produced three
fashion shows known for including not just the biggest supermodels, but models of all sizes, ethnicities, genders, and abilities. The show has been praised for welcoming stars such as trans actress and activist Laverne Cox, as well as model Shaholly Ayers who is a Global Disability Inclusion brand ambassador and an amputee.

It was announced last year by Forbes that Rihanna is now worth over $1.7 billion, officially making her a self-made billionaire. In the past six years, there is no objection that Rihanna has reached her goal of helping “women everywhere (feel) included.” But fans shouldn’t fear over never hearing music from RiRi again. Last September she announced to Billboard her ninth studio album, “R9”, was in the works, and for her cover of Vogue this past May she was quoted, “I’m looking at my next project completely differently from the way I had wanted to put it out before…It’s authentic, it’ll be fun for me, and it takes a lot of the pressure off.”

For more information about Fenty Beauty, please go to or by Instagram @FentyBeauty

For more information about Savage X Fenty, please go to or by Instagram @SavageXFenty

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This article was written by our determined intern Shannon Stickles!

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