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The Best Season of the Year, Christmas Movies are Here by Shannon Stickles!

The Best Season of the Year, Christmas Movies are Here!

Find Out Where to Stream Your Favorite Classic Holiday Movies.

Los Angeles, CA December 1, 2022: It’s that time of the year, Christmas is in the air. The tree is up and decorated, the wreaths are hanging from doors all around the block, the kitchen smells like gingerbread, and to top it all off there’s a Christmas movie playing on the TV every night. Whether it’s A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) on Apple TV or the
mischievous Home Alone movies on Disney+, this season always evokes that festive childhood nostalgia. Remember when we had to sift through the stacks of VCR tapes trying to decide which Christmas movie would be played for the family that night? Popping it into the VCR player and
having to rewind all the way to the start from when you had watched it the year before. Begging your parents in the store to buy the newest Christmas movie but being told “We already have enough Christmas movies at home!” Well thankfully, in the digital age of streaming services, you and your family don’t have to worry about that with the choice of endless holiday movies streaming on today’s most popular platforms.

Between Netflix and Hulu, HBO Max and Disney +, Apple TV and Prime Video, there’s an array of Christmas movies available to watch right now. For those eager to have that feeling of childhood sentimentality, stop by HBO Max or Hulu to watch Jim Carrey’s iconic portrayal of The Grinch in How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000). The hilarious, yet heartwarming, film is sure to have you laughing at the hidden innuendos you never seemed to have noticed growing up. Or, if you really want to go with a childhood classic, grab a mug of hot chocolate and stream The Polar Express (2004) on both HBO Max and Hulu. It’s the perfect family-friendly film that inspires that Christmas spirit.

Now for those who are leaning more toward raunchy laughs than they are for nostalgia, you can never go wrong with the 2018 star-studded comedy A Bad Mom’s Christmas, a hilariously accurate representation of the chaos moms have to go through each holiday season, streaming on Netflix. Another star-filled comedy that’ll have you crying tears of laughter is Seth Rogan’s The Night Before (2015) on YouTube Premium for $4, the perfect movie to watch with friends after exchanging Secret Santa gifts.

For those that aren’t too keen on dropping a pretty penny for a movie, or aren’t subscribed to any of the above-mentioned streaming services, go check out VYRE Network, a free global streaming service with thousands of TV shows and movie options. Be sure to stream Mister Scrooge to See You (2013), a classic take on Charles Dickens’s Ebenezer Scrooge. Or check out Headed South for Christmas (2013) a family comedy surely to be relatable to parents of angsty teens. Stream VYRE for free on Roku, Apple TV, Google Play, App Store, or Amazon Appstore.

Finally, there’s nothing like a heartwarming story to top the Christmas season off with Lindsay Lohan making her official Hollywood comeback, the perfect way to end 2022. Starring in her first leading role in almost a decade, go catch Lohan in Netflix’s newest holiday film Falling for Christmas, the perfect rom-com story about new beginnings.

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This article was written by our dedicated intern, Shannon!

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