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  • Women’s History Month Spotlight: Amanda Seales by Alafair Moss

    Happy Women’s History Month! A month dedicated to celebrating women’s accomplishments and contributions throughout history. Today we praise actress, comedienne, musician, producer, podcast host, television host, author, and activist Amanda Seales. Amanda Seales is not only known for her amazing acting in the hit HBO show Insecure or for her iconic comedy special, I Be Knowing, but is also…

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  • Women’s History Month Spotlight: Ashley Graham by Natalie Ball

    When asked to picture a model in your head, what do you think of? It was not too long ago that we usually associated models with a certain size, which was from size 00 to size 4 at most. However, society has expanded and progressed since then. You may still associate size with models, beauty,…

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  • Client Spotlight: Guión Partners and Their Dedication to “Therapy” by Aditi Nair

    Though Black History/Black Future Month has come to a close, we still have plenty of love to give to our clients and brands that are making a difference! That being said, we are so excited to share some of the amazing work that our client, Guión Partners, has been producing. From film to skincare and…

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  • Equal Justice Now Announces Return of the 2nd Annual Ben Crump Equal Justice Now Awards

    The Ceremony is Back After A Two-Year Hiatus Due To The COVID-19 Pandemic LOS ANGELES, CA, US, February 17, 2022: Non-profit social welfare organization Equal Justice Now (EJN) announces the return of The Ben Crump Equal Justice Now Awards, after a two-year forced hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year marks the second annual ceremony…

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