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  • Super Bowl Halftime Show Recap by Natalie Ball

    2022 Super Bowl Halftime Show Honors Black Artists During Black History Month During the Super Bowl halftime show of the Cincinnati Bengals vs Los Angeles Rams this past Sunday, viewers were graced with hip-hop being in a halftime show for the first time in history. Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre reunited and got the crowd started with their two hits…

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  • Black History Month Spotlight: Lisa Leslie by Tonia Bouyakzan

    To kickstart our Black History Month we’d like to recognize Lisa Leslie—a Women’s National Basketball Association legend. At an early age, she became the face of the WNBA and ranked one of the greatest basketball players of all time by ESPN —some of the many achievements include winning four-time consecutive Olympic gold medals, two-time world…

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  • Client Spotlight: Kat Tat by Angelica Petroche

    One of LAJ’s amazing clients is well-known tattoo artist and social media influencer, Kat “Kat Tat” Jackson. Known for her early work in the famous VH1 tattoo series, Black Ink Crew: Chicago, Kat does exceptional work in tattoo art. Not only is she a talented tattoo artist but she has expanded her skills to be a painter…

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  • The Importance of Black History Month by Alafair Moss

    Say it loud! Happy Black History Month, a month to celebrate and learn about the achievements and history of Black people.  You may be wondering, “Why do we even need Black History Month?”  Growing up, I felt like I never learned enough about Black History in school. And I’m not alone. The history and accomplishments…

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