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Women’s History Month Spotlight: Amanda Seales by Alafair Moss

Happy Women’s History Month! A month dedicated to celebrating women’s accomplishments and contributions throughout history.

Today we praise actress, comedienne, musician, producer, podcast host, television host, author, and activist Amanda Seales. Amanda Seales is not only known for her amazing acting in the hit HBO show Insecure or for her iconic comedy special, I Be Knowing, but is also known for speaking her mind.

Amanda Seales has always been outspoken and politically involved for years, particularly on issues of racial injustice. With a Master’s degree in African American Studies, Seales has always been a voice for Black history, culture, and experience. She is also the host and creator of the comedy game show Smart, Funny, and Black.

Seales created Smart, Funny, and Black due to the “constant negative images of black people in media, unchecked appropriation, and the overall lack of education in African American history.” Smart, Funny, and Black serves as a safe haven for the Black community and as a method to use comedy to highlight the Black community’s culture, history, and experience.

Seales continues to use her voice and create new content on many social media platforms and entertainment today. She is also producing fresh material for Smart, Funny, and Black entertainment on platforms like Youtube and Patreon.

We look forward to seeing Amanda Seales grow as she uses her knowledge, voice, and beauty to uplift the Black community!

This article was written by our lovely intern, Alafair Moss.

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  1. I love the article!!!


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